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Monday, May 23, 2011

Gilt Groupe launches Gilt Taste

Last week the folks at Gilt Groupe launched a new addition to their stable of sites called Gilt Taste.
Still in beta form, this new site is headed up by Editorial Advisor Ruth Reichl. She was the former editor-in-chief of Gourmet magazine and currently hosts PBS's Gourmet's Adventures with Ruth. If you haven’t watched this show, do so, she’s great! The site is a combination of an on-line market showcasing hard to find provisions and a culinary magazine. They’ve assembled a note worthy group of contributors and I’m very excited to see what they have to offer each week.
Current articles include Redeeming the Lobster Roll by Melissa Clark, a well known cookbook author, and Confessions of a Chocolate Hater by Lila Byock. There is also some great photography on the site as well. Check out images from Andrew Scrivani in both the lobster and asparagus stories.

They start offering weekly specials this summer, similar to Gilt City or Jetsetter, but for now they do have lots of great items to buy. Here are some items you can purchase now:
  • Meat - Becker Lane Organic Farm - 3 lb Pork Belly - $39.95
  • Seafood - California Caviar Company - American Hackleback Gift Package - $140.00
  • Cheese & Dairy - Murray's Cheese - The Perfect Meal: all'Amatriciana - $59.00
  • Pantry - Gourmet Attitude - Truffle Honey - $19.95
  • Sweets - John & Kira - Bee Chocolates - $29.00
  • Produce - Wine Forest - Mushroom Medley - $40.00
  • Equipment – Boxsal - Office Escape Picnic - $25.00
I’ll put a link to the site under FOOD MAGAZINE SITES on the right side of the page.

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  1. If anyone needs an invite to Gilt Groupe I can let you use my link. I’ve given away as many as I can to friends, better to use what’s left than to just let them sit there.http://www.gilt.com/invite/wpd