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Monday, January 25, 2010

Everyday Food - Black Bean Burgers & Good Housekeeping - Chocolate Pudding

At work I have a magazine fairy, actually a couple.  These wonderful folks drop off tons of magazines at my desk, and in my mailbox.  Since I normally eat lunch at my desk, I usually sift through them pretty quickly and hand off to my co-worker Tiffany.  I think she's got 6 or 7 piled up by now.  Anyway, I was looking through a Good Housekeeping (Feb 2010), which I've never read before, and noticed an interesting section called (Almost) Vegetarian.  There was a recipe for Black Bean Burgers...hmmm...that sounds like something Mr. Steele might like to eat during football.  So Sunday I promised my honey a hearty vegetarian meal.

So the Black Bean Burger...

I was skeptical the second time I read the GH recipe.  I remembered that my Everyday Food (Jan/Feb 2010) also had a Black Bean Burger recipe (pg 110).  I decided to compare the two since the GH recipe had mayo which might have been weird for Mr. Steele.  I decided to go with the recipe from the Everyday Food.  It had brown rice, and more natural ingredients.  I probably should have stuck with the GH recipe.  First off, flavor wise, it was decent (I added 1/4 tsp coriander), but these patties just didn't set up.  There was no "binder" in the recipe.  You are supposed to heat the baking sheet in the oven and then place the patties on them.  After 15 minutes, they were still mushy.  I had to end up taking them out the oven, cool a bit, and pan fry with some olive oil to get a decent crust on them.  Even after that, they were still falling apart.

So I salvaged what I could, and piled the toasted whole wheat buns with heirloom tomatoes, avocado and baby greens.  Not bad, just looked messy.  I scratched the yogurt sauce.

I served it with a red cabbage slaw.   It was very hearty, definitely filled you up.  Would I make this again, nope.  I wonder if the people at Everyday Food had this issue and just kept it to themselves.  Oh well, at least I tried.  Let me know if you try this and have the same issue or have a better Black Bean Burger recipe.

Chocolate Pudding

This one is a keeper.  It's from the Feb 2010 Good Housekeeping (pg. 161). 

It's got really great chocolate flavor and is really easy.  Just be patient at the end when you're whisking, it'll thicken up.  It gets really nice and thick, beats Jell-o any day!  Add some whipped cream to the top, a fresh strawberry and some chocolate shavings.

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  1. Love black beans!! You definitely did the right thing frying them in the pan. Doing it in the oven just doesn't give you the crisp texture. The starch from the rice should have been enough of a binder.